'6 Chairs', The Art House Foundation, London

Feb 18 2012 to Feb 26 2012

For his contribution to 6 Chairs, AHF Artist in Residence Alistair McClymont will turn the gallery space into a makeshift studio for the week 18– 26 Feb 2012. During this time he will develop two new works with the working titles Raindrop and Rainbow.

Raindrop comprises a machine built to allow a drop of water to hover in mid air. Viewing this translucent, jewel-like object instils a very bodily sense of unease. Arrested in free-fall, its form mechanically maintained in a seeming repudiation of basic physics, the stationary raindrop throws us off balance, making us feel as though we were plummeting to the ground in its place. Alongside the machine, McClymont will exhibit tools, materials and working drawings.

Rainbow will be developed on site throughout the week and shown outside in darkness at the preview on Thurs 23rd Feb.

This residency within a residency brings aspects of McClymont’s studio practice and working process into a public space allowing audiences to engage with both works for the first time and while they are still being refined. The artist will be available to talk to visitors on Thurs 23 Feb, Fri 24 Feb 12 – 5pm, and on Sat 25 Feb 12 – 4pm, also at other times by appointment.

6 Chairs

With chairs from:
Rupert Ackroyd / Matthew Darbyshire / Caroline Rolf /
Mark Titcher / Keith Wilson / Alison Wilding

26 Jan – 22 March, 2012
For 6 Chairs, Art House Foundation (AHF) has invited 6 British artists to introduce a chair - found or of their own design - into its exhibition space for a period of 11 weeks. These chairs will be made available to different groups at different times, both as objects of contemplation and for use in formal and informal meetings, classes, presentations and actions.

- Each of the 6 members of AHF’s Board of Trustees will use the 6 chairs as the basis for a closed evening event during the project’s 11-week run. The Trustees are: Sacha Craddock, Soraya Rodriguez, Ivan Seery, Naomi Siderfin, Mark Titchner, and Keith Wilson. Other closed events will be programmed by artist and AHF Director Caroline Rolf, AHF artist in residence Alistair McClymont and AHF writer in residence Tom Morton. These events will be made available to the public through material posted on AHF’s website over the course of the 6 Chairs project.

- At all other times, the 6 chairs will be available to AHF’s studio holders, the artists Owen Bullett, Simon Callery, Grant Carlin, Lawrence Corby, AK Dolven, Jess Flood-Paddock, Ana Genoves, Sophie von Hellerman, Phillip Lai, Florian Roithmayr, John Stezaker, and Keith Wilson.

Over the course of the 6 Chairs project, AHF will gather documentation of the use of the chairs by the public, its board, its resident artist and writer and its studio holders. This will form the basis of a publication which will be launched later in 2012, constructed by AHF designer Fraser Muggeridge.