Function Generator


Function Generator is an artwork that consists of a very powerful subsonic sound system capable of resonating the human body and a number of analogue oscillators. These oscillators are old pieces of electronic test equipment which formed the basis of the first electronic synthesizers. The artwork stems from a fascination with the visceral effects of sub bass within dance music.

The work was created during a month long residency at Islington Mill, Manchester, drawing influence from 2 sound systems, speaker builders and various musicians based there. The work plays at very loud volumes, the pressure waves create standing waves in the room and human body. Every element in the building and the human is resonant to different frequencies. Much of sound you can hear from the work comes from various elements of the building shaking.

There will be a series of collaborative performances using the artwork, beginning with the DJ and musician Prime Cuts (Joel Clements). Prime Cuts was asked to respond to the work and was given the oscillators to develop a new performance. The collaborations are open ended and the collaborators are free to develop and respond to the artwork in any way.

More details about Prime Cuts involvement here:

You and the room