Hollow Salon, UK

“Today’s artists, as they like to call themselves, are yet another sign of our great country’s deepening decay. The forces of socialism have squandered Britain’s intellectual might and bequeathed us with a never-ending supply of long-haired, talentless idiots streaming from decadent, concrete-clad art colleges. For the artworld, the masters of old have given way to a degenerate rabble more interested in making money than creating cultural heritage. The perversity of our society trawls such depths that while a free man will be dragged before a court of law should he choose to hunt a fox, so our taxes are frittered away in support of worthless modern arts.

It is in this context that we must regard the forthcoming resurrection of the great Salon of 19th century Paris. The opening of today’s Salon will not herald the rebirth of a classical age, but rather the corruption of perhaps the last remaining untainted memory of a golden past. It is the final nail in the coffin of that which made Britain, the Crown and the Empire great.”

Perrigrine Fawsley, the 16th Earl of Whittlesford.

Hollow Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the ‘Hollow Salon 2005,’ an independent group exhibition featuring 48 painters, sculptors and printmakers that will offer an insight into new trends within the London art scene.

The exhibition takes its inspiration from the traditional concept of the salon as an apartment for the reception and display of art works. The pieces will be presented in a pseudo-traditionalist salon style, one on top of the other and littering the wall and floor spaces, thereby giving the public the opportunity to experience a large number of small-scale works by up-and-coming artists within an intimate setting.

The Hollow Salon will also function as an alternative to the mainstream, providing a forum for expression and giving voice to a new generation of artists not always represented within the standard art world structure.

Roderick Barton has been involved in setting up various art events in the past 2 years most notably the successful Guildhouse warehouse show in 2004. James Bradshaw is the Director of Hollow Contemporary Art and has extensive experience as both a curator and artist, having exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Alistair McClymont
Andy Lee
Anu Turunen
Antony Faroux
Brendan Lyons
Boo Ritson
Charlotte Shinerock
Chris Perkins
Christopher Bond
Dave Willcock
Edward Goolden
Elinor Evans
Hannah Birkett
Hywel Livingstone
Ian Brown
Jacqueline Brown
James Bradshaw
James Emmerson
James Poostchi
Jenny Dunseath
Liane Lang
Lisa Brown
Jonathan Baldock
Josie Smith
Kate Street
Kristin Posehn
Kezia Cantwell-Wright
Laura Morrison
Leslie Farago
Leo Linehan
Lee Butcher
Lisa Penny
Luke Jackson
Matthew Draper
Michael DeLucia
Nicholas Brown
Owen Bullett
Peter Jones
Piers Secunda
Roderick Barton
Richard Cohen
Sam Adams
Sam Jackson
Sam Tabak
Sarah Douglas
Sarah Dwyer
Sarah Jeffries
Seth Twombley
Sophie Ruderman
Stephen Walter
William Stein

November 15, 2005 - January 27, 2006