Pump House Gallery - 3 Branches of the Same Tree, London, UK

Semiconductor, Lyndall Phelps and Alistair McClymont

Live performances:
17th May, 5-9pm: Function Generator with Prime Cuts
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23rd May, 2-5pm Infra Sound: artist Alistair McClymont in conversation with neuroscientist Aleksandra Berditchevskai
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One should never mistake pattern ... for meaning. (Function Generator)

One should never mistake pattern ... for meaning explores the connection we have with sound and the resonant frequencies of the gallery using function generators (oscillators) and an infra-sonic sound system.

The artwork is a project that looks into our connection with sound from the scientific perspective right through to its involvement in contemporary music. The work involves collaborations with a neuroscientist: Alexandra Berditchevskaia, scratch DJ and producer: Prime Cuts and artist/musician: Tom Richards.


3 Branches of the Same Tree is a project and exhibition exploring areas of science that are often difficult to comprehend and how the subject is received in educational settings.

Three artists Semiconductor, Lyndall Phelps and Alistair McClymont have been commissioned by Pump House Gallery to work alongside scientists and local schools to create an exhibition of works to open out scientific knowledge and offer a new way of seeing the world.

An accompanying resource pack for schools will be availalbe to develop how art can be used to introduce challenging ideas in the science curriculum areas of Light, Sound and Forces & Magnets.

The exhibition has been created through a collaboration with the artists, scientists Aleksandra Berditchevskaia, Max Boleininger and Ben Robinson, and teachers from All Saints CE, Falconbrook, Griffin, Hotham, St Anne’s CE and West Hill Primary Schools. It is supported by Mayor of London and Department of Education.

April 22, 2015 - May 31, 2015