The List

Full page article in The List on the work The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty.

"What you’re looking at is not a CGI or Photoshop trick, it’s an actual miniature tornado of water vapour, created through the application of some astounding physics by artist Alistair McClymont. This ‘meteorological eye candy’, as the up-and-coming artist describes it, is just one example from his mind-bending solo exhibition, The Limitations of Logic and Absence of Absolute Certainty, which recently ended its run at the Wyer Gallery in London. This piece has been requisitioned by one of The List’s favourite shops, party venues, and all-round cultural hubs, Pageant in Edinburgh, who’ll be displaying it until the end of October.

Pageant, Edinburgh, opens Fri 25 Sep 7pm-10pm, runs Mon-Sat Sat 26 Sep-Sat 24 Oct, 11am-6pm."

September 25, 2009