The Wrong Map, Three Colts Gallery, UK

Matt Golden / George Shaw / Franziska Furter / Clive A Brandon / Clare Goodwin Alistair McClymont / Guy Dale / Emily Allchurch / Catrin Huber / Gary O'Connor

The Wrong Map is a group exhibition curated by Clive A Brandon featuring the work of 10 artists from the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

It focuses on artists who engage with ideas around locations and sites, and whose works portray or identify specific places or landscapes. As the title of the exhibition suggests many of the artists employ strategies based upon the idea of geographical or architectural dislocation and/or optical trickery. The exhibition will feature artists working in painting, drawing, sculpture, sound/text and installation.

A theme throughout The Wrong Map is the notion of getting or being lost, a state that can lead to the discovery of unknown regions. A degree of exploration is required on the part of the viewer to discover what they are looking at or where it is. An undercurrent of deceit and trickery is prevalent throughout the exhibition; misdirection and dislocation permeate the works.

The locations the artists refer to may be banal, vacant, empty or imagined spaces that are overlooked or undiscovered. The featured works blur the boundaries between genres such as photo-realism, traditional landscape painting, site specifity, minimalism, conceptualism and process painting to investigate undiscovered territory.

The Wrong Map will lead you to a place, but not necessarily the place you expected to get to.

September 3, 2005 - September 25, 2005