Los Angeles 2019 presents – Edge of Human, UK

Los Angeles 2019 presents – Edge of Human

A performance project by Lucy Woodhouse


Exhibition open daily until 20 November, 1-7pm

OFFSITE: 70 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NA

Los Angeles 2019 presents an evolving collaborative performance project by Lucy Woodhouse and a host of artists, curators, writers and musicians.

Edge of Human will run for one week between the 14th and 20th of November and takes performance as a starting point; exploring the activity itself, the experience, the artefacts used or made, the resulting documentation. This project is interested in the 'off cuts' as well as the materials that are used and produced as a result of a type of practice that can exist as multiple versions of itself or as fragments of a whole - that moves between categorization and often defies commodification.

Jonathan Baldock / Nathan Barlex / Behind the X / Gareth Bell-Jones / Wilm Danby / Laura Dee Milnes / Marie d'Elbee / Kris Emmerson / Susanna Davies-Crook / Samuel Fouracre / Aya Fukami / Patrick Goddard / Alex Heim / Joey Holder / Candice Jacobs / Sarah Johns / Daniel Kelly / Charlie Kerr / Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski / Alistair McClymont / Fraser Muggeridge / Beatriz Olabarrieta / Nicholas Pankhurst / Lyle Perkins / Will Squire / El Vonne Brown / John Wild / Keef Winter / Jim Woodall / Rafal Zajko

The approach will be to adapt and change during the week – each day punctuated by performances as well as a fluid approach to how things are displayed or seen – an object or an image print out may also be seen on a monitor or as a projection - it will become a performance in it’s own right – the documentation of this will then be used as material to form a new online work by Lucy Woodhouse to be hosted on the website www.losangeles-2019.com.

Los Angeles 2019 is a new offshoot of French Riviera focusing on experimental projects and performances.

November 14, 2014 - November 20, 2014